Cuban Amazon

Cuban amazons are endemic to Cuba, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands of the Caribbean. Mainly found at or close to sea level, they have been found in the Cuban mountains. They live in pine forests, dense scrubby woods, broadleaved woodland, palm groves, plantations, mangroves, and sometimes in cultivated garden areas.
The Cuban amazon feeds on a number of fruits and seeds including the fruits of palm trees and West Indian mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni) seeds.

The Cuban amazon, as its name suggests, comes from Cuba, where it is called "Loro o Cotorra de Cuba." It is about the same size as a pigeon and is amongst the smallest Amazon parrots. Its plumage is mainly green, with bright pinky-red cheeks and throat, white feathers around and above its eyes, and a purple-pink to dull maroon abdomen. Its primaries or outer flight feathers are blue. The different species have feathers of different colors, particularly on their face, chin and throat. Their bill is pale yellow or is horn-colored and their eyes are olive-green.

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