As a Zoo we are always working on a number of conservation programs, including endemic species breeding and release here in Cyprus. As well as captive breeding programs with other zoo around the world.

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Egyptian Fruit Bat

One of our most loved projects is the breeding and reintroduction of the Egyptian fruit bat (Rousettus aegyptiacus),  that we have been working together with the Cyprus Environmental Department to ensure the survival of this species with numbers in the wild steadily declining in recent years.

Cyprus is the only country in the European Union were these fruit bats can be found in the wild. Here at the Zoo we house 4 individuals that we have placed in a specialized enclosure that mimics there natural habitat as closely as possible, this includes netting boxes, climate and light controls. So far we have had a little success with the birth of 2 babies but this has been achieved over just a just period of time.

We hope once the bats have adjusted to their new enclosure that it we will be very successful with the reintroduction of many bats back into the wild to ensure the survival of these important animals.