Green Winged Macaw

They live throughout north and central South America, where they prefer humid, lowland forest. In the southern part of their range, they frequent open habitats, including deciduous forest.
Green-winged macaws eat fruits and nuts. They also ingest mineralized sand and clay, which helps neutralize the toxins in the seeds and nuts they consume.

This magnificent and easily distinguished parrot is one of the largest species of Macaw. The Green-winged macaw has yellow eyes, surrounded by bright red bars, made up of rows of small feathers, covering the white patch on the bare skin. The chest, upper wings, upper back and head of the bird is red. Legs of the bird are colored with grey. Feathers of the middle wing are green with blue tips. The tail consists of motley plumage, surrounded by red feathers. The horn-colored upper beak is black on the sides while the lower beak is colored in black or dark grey.

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