Lilac-Crowned Amazon

The lilac-crowned amazon's endemic range spans along the pacific coast of Mexico, beginning in southeastern Sonora and southwestern Chihuahua down to southern Oaxaca.
In the wild, the lilac-crowned Amazon consumes flowers, seeds, tree fruits, berries, new leaves, and grain and fruit crops. Like all Amazon parrots, lilac-crowned Amazons do best on a high-quality pelleted diet supplemented with seed mix and daily servings of fresh bird-safe fruits and vegetables.

The plumage of an adult lilac-crowned amazon is primarily green with yellowish underparts and black edging. The forehead is a maroon color with a light blue-lilac neck, nape, and crown. The cheeks and ear coverts are a greenish yellow that lacks the edging that is present in most of the plumage. The primary feathers are dark blue with the secondary feathers being green while being tipped with the same dark blue coloring. Furthermore, the initial five secondary feathers have a bright red speculum on the edge of the feathers.

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