Luzon Bleeding Heart Dove

The Luzon bleeding-heart is endemic to the island of Luzon in the Philippines where the locals call it Puñalada. It lives in primary or secondary forests, and can be found at altitudes varying from up to 1400 meters above sea level.
These birds are omnivores. In the wild they primarily eat seeds, berries that have fallen, and a range of insects and worms.

On its upper surfaces, the Luzon bleeding-heart is slate grey in color, but because it is iridescent, it can appear to be purple, royal blue, or bottle-green, and the apparent color varies with lighting conditions. On their wings are black bands, while their belly and under wing areas are buff or chestnut.As in most pigeons, there is little sexual dimorphism; males tend to be larger and have a more pronounced red patch, while in the females it is slightly duller. The body shape is typical of the genus, with a round body, a short tail and long legs.

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