Schalows Turaco

It is distributed mainly in Zambia, central Angola, the southern DRC, and the uplands of southern Kenya, northern and western Tanzania and western Malawi.
Schalows consume mainly fruit and other plant matter, while eating a more insect-based diet as chicks. They will generally feed in large flocks and are social outside of nesting.

These birds are light for a turaco species; weighing just over half a pound (270g), with a length of 15 to 17 inches. Their colour is a coppery-jade green that fades to a dark iridescent blue the closer you get towards the tail. They have long white tripped crests with small red beaks and red skin around their dark eyes lined with white feathers. Mature birds have, on average, the longest crests of any turaco species. Their wings are short and round with red flight feathers meant for short flights.

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