Western Red Billed Hornbill

It is found from Senegal and Gambia to southern Mauritania and western Mali.
The red-bill lives in open savanna, woodland and thorn scrub in sub-Saharan Africa. It is an omnivore, eating fruit, insects and small animals.

Western red-billed hornbills are small hornbills in the genus Tockus. They have curved red beaks which are more orange on the lower beak and more bright red on the upper beak, with both ending with a dark orange colour. Their heads are greyish white and have black feathers along the back of their heads and neck. They have white plumage on their faces and large dark grey eye rings. Their sclera is dark brown and their pupils are black. Their wings are like all red-billed hornbills, with large and small circles of white feathers surrounded by black feathers on the exterior and white on the upper half of the interior and black on the lower half of the interior. They have long tail feathers that are black on the exterior and a greyish white on the interior.

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