Baby Flamingos Hand-reared

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Bird Park
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April 20, 2022

After closely observing and documenting our flamingo population at Pafos Zoo for the past 2 years we observed that their first clutch of eggs always goes to waste as they are still not settled on their nests and amongst the squabbles and the moving around eggs tend to get lost/cracked/abandoned.

This year we decided to jump in and assist the first clutch by removing it from the enclosure, artificially incubating and hand rearing all the chicks that hatch. Having decided that we started doing alot of research and studying in preparation as we never hand reared a flamingo chick before.

When the time came and we saw that we were needed we removed 6 eggs from the enclosure out of which 4 chicks hatched and have been under our care for the past one month. They are doing very well and we are optimistic all of them will make it to adulthood.

We can say with certainty what we thought worked perfect as our adult flock did great second time round and is now sitting on 8 more eggs

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