Common Eland

Common Elands are found in East and Southern Africa.
As the eland's habitat is so versatile, so is its diet and includes grasses, seeds, leaves, fruits and herbs. Eland are herbivores and graze mainly on grasses. But they will also eat browse, seeds and fruits.

Their coat differs geographically, with elands in northern part of their range having distinctive markings (torso stripes, markings on legs, dark garters and a spinal crest) that are absent in the south. Apart from a rough mane, the coat is smooth. Females have a tan coat, while the coats of males are darker, with a bluish-grey tinge. Bulls may also have a series of vertical white stripes on their sides (mainly in parts of the Karoo in South Africa). As males age, their coat becomes more grey. Males also have dense fur on their foreheads and a large dewlap on their throats.

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