White Headed Marmoset

The species is endemic to Brazil, where they are known as the sagüi or sauim. They are present in the state of Espirito Santa and in the forested eastern and northeastern regions of Minas Gerais, extending north as far as the Rios Jequitinhonha and Aracuai, as well as south to near the state border of Espirito Santo and Rio de Janeiro.
White-headed marmosets are omnivorous, eating fruits, flowers, nectar, and insects.

White-headed marmosets are mostly black and dark brown in color. Their tail is lightly ringed with gray and black bands. Adults have white heads, cheeks, and throats. Adults also have black tufts of fur by their ears.Infants lack ear tufts and white markings around their face. At about two weeks of age, juveniles begin to grow their ear tufts and have full adult markings by 5 months.

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