Gold Dust Day Gecko

It lives in northern Madagascar, and on the island of Comoros; it has also been introduced to Hawaii and other Pacific islands.
These day geckos feed on various insects and other invertebrates, and are also capable of eating other smaller lizards. They also eat soft, sweet fruit and pollen and nectar from flowers, often congregating in groups of many individuals to feed off of one plant.

This lizard can reach a total length of 3.9-5.1″ (10-13cm). The body colour is a bright green or yellowish green or rarely blue. Typical for this day gecko are the red speckles on the neck and the upper back. There are three rust-coloured transverse bars on the snout and head; the upper part of the skin around the eye is blue. On the lower back there are three tapering red bars. The tail is slightly flattened. The under side is off-white. Juveniles lack the red colourations and the tail and limbs appear off-white.