Snouted Cobra

This species is found in northeast South Africa, southern Mozambique, eastern Botswana, Malawi, throughout Zimbabwe, and parts of Eswatini.
Snouted cobra's are known to feed on a wide variety of prey include: small mammals, birds, frogs, lizards (especially monitor lizards) and other snakes including venomous species like Mozambique Spitting Cobra's and puff adders will be taken.

The snouted cobra is a relatively large species. Adult specimens average between 1.2 and 1.8 metres (3.9 and 5.9 ft) in length, but they may reach lengths of 2.5 metres (8.2 ft). Colouration of dorsal scales may vary from yellowish to greyish-brown, dark brown or blue-black. Ventral scale colouration is yellow with darker mottles. A banded phase occurs throughout the species' range and is blue-black with 7-11 yellow to yellow-brown cross bars, the lighter bands being half the width of the darker bands. The latter colour phase is more common in males. Ventrally, it is yellow mottled with black. A darker throat band is present and is usually more prominent in juveniles.