Traditional Clothes Museum

The museum of traditional Cypriot costumes is a new addition to the other themed museums here at the Zoo, that houses part of the vast collections of Mr. Christos Christoforou. The museum focuses on presenting the traditional costumes of the people of Cyprus during the period of British rule (1878-1960). The exhibition includes costumes of Greek Cypriots, as well as Turkish Cypriots, rural costumes of both men and women, as well as, middle class clothing, on some of which the influence of European fashion is clearly visible.

A notable feature of the exhibition is the particular way in which the clothing is presented: not as individual objects or costumes displayed in a row, but rather as sets within a specifically designed space that revives an image of the objects integrated in real life of their era. The costumes are worn by dolls and are surrounded by furniture, utensils, lighting and decoration, thus creating an impression to the visitors of being in an appropriate environment for each occasion; in a setting where people come alive with their costumes in spaces of their time. Generally, the set of exhibits are seen in separate sections, some of which represent scenes of daily life, while others show snapshots of traditions. The museums approach creates a sense of familiarity with the exhibits, making them more accessible and understandable to the viewer.

For our visitors, the museum of traditional Cypriot costumes is an oasis that offers knowledge and pleasure, providing the opportunity to get to know the people of the island through their appearance in recent past.