Found in many tropical regions of the world.
Primates exploit a variety of food sources. It has been said that many characteristics of modern primates, including humans, derive from an early ancestor's practice of taking most of its food from the tropical canopy.[136] Most primates include fruit in their diets to obtain easily digested nutrients including carbohydrates and lipids for energy.

A primate (from Latin primat-, from primus 'prime, first rank') is a eutherianmammal constituting the taxonomicorder Primates (/praɪˈmeɪtiːz/). Primates are sister to Dermoptera (flying lemurs or colugos), together forming the Primatomorpha. It consists of the otherwise extinct plesiadapiformes and its descendents, the lemurs (strepsirrhini, lemuriformes), the haplorrhini (tarsiers and monkeys, including apes). With the crown-primates (euprimates) cladistically included in the plesiadapiformes, it becomes a junior synonym for primates, then sometimes referred to as pan-primates.