Red Handed Tamarin

Red-handed tamarins are found across a large area of northeastern South America. They are endemic to Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana, and found in Brazil, north of the Rio Amazonas and east of the Rios Negro.
​Red-handed tamarins are omnivorous, meaning that they eat both plant and animal matter. They consume a range of plant parts, including fruits, flowers, nectar, and plant exudates.

Red-handed tamarins live in a range of habitats, including lowland and savanna forests. They are a resilient species and, unlike some other primates, survive quite well in close proximity to villages and in forest edge habitats. In contrast to most species, the range of this species actually appears to be growing. Unfortunately, their range is expanding into habitat previously occupied by the Critically Endangered pied tamarin, who they appear to be out-competing.

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